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          Term & Conditions
Dear Delhi Gurgaon Driver & Cab Service Customer.

Please follow our term & conditions:

1. Insist the driver to show to the company ID card every time.
2. Please pay directly to the at the end of the Booking.
3. Call driver management as well as driver will not hold any responsiblity for any Vechicle Loss , Damage , and incase of anyaccident Rs.50/- Should be paid extra if the pick up drop point of the driver is diffrent.

4.Rs. 100/- will be charge against the cancellation when driver report your Place.
5. Night charges will be extra @ Rs.100/- Per hours from 10:00 PM to 6:00AM.
6.Please do not insist for over speeding jumping signals or breaking any other traffic rules.
7.All Challans will be customer's liability expect for challans due to not wearing sheet belt.
8. All taxes parking fees would born by customer.
9. Do not leave cash/Valuables in possession the driver on Vechicles.


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